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Ectoplasma will re-release their debut demo through the Morbid Shrine!

The Greek band Ectoplasma will unleash their debut demo through Morbid Shrine Productions on tape. It was previoiusly released through Metal Throne Productions, and sold out very soon. Re-unleashed through Underground Resistance Records, and sold out again. Now, you’ll have the third release of this great materpiece of Old School Fucking Death Metal! Stay tuned! […]


Briargh “Eboros” is out on tape!

  Briargh “Eboros” is out via Morbid Shrine Productions in digital and tape formats! This is our reference number MSP019. This album was out through Lower Silesian Stronghold on CD too so, you can choose your format. Write now to labarosrecords@gmail.com Check it in our Bandcamp: https://morbidshrineproductions.bandcamp.com/album/briargh-eboros-demo-2015

Selaphiel new t-shirts!!! Special offer and packs!

Hails, Here is the special offer of Selaphiel t-shirts! As you can see: Each one is for 13€ only + postal costs. Get two for less money and support this brutal hit of sick and crawling Death/Black Metal from Spain. “Adumbratio” demo will be out in the end of the year. A new blast of […]

Special Offer: 3 x 2!!!

(Spanish below) We announce that we have a special offer in this week that will be available just during the rest of October. This offer is the typical 3×2, getting the third piece for free (the one which less price). Be quick, because we have a short number of copies of each title, except for […]


Yesterday at Primitive Noise Fest II

Yesterday we had a great event thanks to the Primitive Noise Fest II. A big event which is growing due to the good work of Primitive Noise Productions. We played (Undernoise) with other great bands, such as Bisturí, Disturbance Project and Rageous Intent. A show of powerful Grind/Death here in Santander where we put our Morbid […]

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NEVERENDINGHATE – Reseña (Bleak Zine)

NEVERENDINGHATE “La Caída de los Ídolos” Demo-Tape (Morbid Shrine Prod.) 13.10.2015 20:31Primera referencia en la trayectoria de Neverendinghate, una nueva criatura a la que han dado forma las inquietas mentes de Erun–Dagoth (sobradamente conocido por ser el responsable de nombres como Briargh, Deprive, Hrizg, Stormstone y un sinfín de bandas y proyectos) y Enserune (a […]

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SELAPHIEL – Reseña (Bleak Zine)

SELAPHIEL “Death Metal on the Cross” Demo-Tape (Morbid Shrine Prod.) 13.10.2015 20:25Aviso a los padres: ¡¡¡La exposición auditiva prolongada a esta cassette puede generar daños psicológicos irreversibles en vuestros hijos!!! Forjada a oxidados hachazos por los insondables delirios esquizoides que pueblan los cerebros de este par de dementes (Jesús y David, cómplices de crímenes contra […]


Compilation reminder!

We remind you that you can download this compilation fromo our Bandcamp for free! It contains one track of each of our releases, some of them are sold out. This is a good sample of the demo and albums we have unleashed. Track list: GLOOM – Erik Zann MOONSHINE – Remembrance (The Awakener) SUFFERING – […]