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Ghazghkull enters the Morbid Shrine!

We are proud to announce that “Sings of Hate”, the demo compilation of the cult one-man-band Ghazghkull, will be unleashed on pro tape in next month. Ghazghkull is Lord Arhawn in all instruments and vocals, and the style is a raw and occult Black Metal in the old way, very influenced by the early material […]


Stormstone is on Bandcamp

Stormstone is a solo project of Erun (Hrizg, Briargh, Deprive, Neverendinghate, Undernoise) in which he performs an epic and dark Black Metal in the old way. On November of 2013, we released the tape version of the only demo of this project: “Heirs of All Fights”. It was sold sout in a couple of months, […]


New t-shirt of Gloom!

Gloom has written the next update in their facebook site: Hi Friends, Here is the new t-shirt design that I have created for the awesome Gloom. In this design, I have tried to create a new symbol based on one that I designed some time ago for the band. I have given it an oldschool […]


Chains ov Beleth update!

Chains ov Beleth has written the next: We are proud to announce that we will be re-releasing a compilation of our demos plus two extra unreleased tracks through the German label Dark Ritual (who have just re-released the classic Utumno demos, among other stuff). More info coming soon! Follow this great band in their official […]

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Briargh “Eboros” is here!

“Eboros” is out and we have the copies here! The new opus of Briargh was released through Lower Silesian Stronghold (Poland) and we have received the copies today. Briargh is a solo project made by Erun (ex-CrystalMoors, Deprive, Hrizg, between others) and “Eboros” is the third full album. This time, the style returns to the early days, […]

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Opposer en Reinosa este fin de semana!

Opposer han puesto en su facebook: “Compartimos con todos vosotros los horarios definitivos ya del Festival. Esperamos que tanto los aficionados como los artistas comprendan que esto se realiza con la mayor de las ilusiones y que este formato (festival) hace que nos grupos toquen más pronto y otros un poco más tarde. Desde la […]

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10 years of Hrizg

Hrizg is crawling through the Underground swamp since 2005. It means that this personification of hate, repugnance, sadness and power has 10 years of existence and activism. After of some words, infected chords and insane drums, Hrizg turned into a real band in the last of 2014. With the add of three lost souls to […]

New items in the distro!

Maniac “The Art of the Cainam” (Death Metal) CD – 6€ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEweVixfqE4 Mort “Raw & Cold” (Black Metal) CD – 8€ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16DqnpRVp_E Flagellum Dei “Order of the Obscure” CD – 8€ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX6iue8jWnk