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Morbid Shrine / Erun-Dagoth’s site uploaded!

Hi everyone! After of a lot of time thinking in how to upload the new version of the project Morbid Shrine Productions, I have decided to transform this site in something different in which I will introduce my personal vision of music and Underground services. You can check from music mailorder to art or production […]


The new album of OPPOSER is near…

Opposer has almost finished their second album. It’s title shall be «Darkest Path», and they have developed their sound in a darker and heavier music, close to the old school Death Metal. «Darkest Path» is being mixing just now and it will be unleashed through Morbid Shrine Productions on CD and digital. The album cover […]

New stuff in the shop and distribution list!

Despite of we are not uploading the new arrivals in the shop every week, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have new stuff. We have tons of new items but not much time for it’s update, so be patient. However, we’re not doing trades at the moment, but we will restart those activities soon. Here are […]