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Foul Entity «Putrid Despair» is unleashed!!!

Today, we will unleash officially Foul Entity «Putrid Despair» pro tape! This stuff includes three rehearsal songs + three new demo ones of total putrid Death Metal in the old school way, released in brown rotten tapes! 4€ + postal costs. Don’t miss your copy, they’re limited to a first press of 50 units with […]

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New show of Hrizg! This time with the bestial maniacs of Ras

Thanks to Primitive Noise, Hrizg will perform again in Santander on April 30th! This time the band will unleash their impious Black Metal with the grinders of Ras. Here is more info: HRIZG (Black Metal-Santander) https://www.facebook.com/HrizgOfficial/?fref=ts RAS (Grindcore-Tolosa,Guipuzcoa) https://www.facebook.com/RAS-1540431266203050/?fref=ts Sabado 30 de Abril -21:00 Horas-4 Euros Rock Beer The New(Peñas Redondas 15,Santander) The facebook event […]


Profundis Tenebrarum signs to the Morbid Shrine!

We are pleased to announce our new signing. This time is the great Spanish act Profundis Tenebrarum. Created by Nocturn back in 1997, they will release their fourth opus through Morbid Shrine Productions in CD format. The title of this new album shall be «Disciples of Venomous Death», and this is the track list: I. Stench […]

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Album of the Week in the «Noche de Rock» radio show: Eboros

En los últimos años, Cantabria ha ido mirando, como en otras comunidades del norte peninsular, hacia su antiguo pasado prerrománico, medieval y mitológico, con muchas referencias culturales de todo tipo. La música ha sido una de ellas, influenciando dicho pasado a diversos estilos; ya sean tradicionales, como el propio folk escuchado en los pueblos y […]

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Some reviews of Briargh «Eboros»!

Briargh are a band that I can only describe as brilliant; formed in Spain back in 2003, the one-man band have become an amazing mixture of black, death and folk metal, and does it in a way which can only be described as brilliant. Focusing on themes of paganism, mythology and history, the band are back with […]