Information about our bands and their releases.


Grimuack has upload a sad new to their Official Facebook. Baphomet and Sucor Benoth have left the band after of a lot of years of working in this veteran band. Remember that Grimuack started to spit blasphemies against Christianity back in 1994 and they signed with Morbid Shrine Productions for their fourth album. Now, it will take some more time while the band looks for new members.


Here is the official statement (in Spanish):

GRIMUACK no somos una banda de dar comunicados pero en éste caso queremos hacerlo y desde aquí sentimos comunicar la noticia de que BAPHOMET y SUCOR BENOTH ya no pertenecen a GRIMUACK. Ha sido una decisión unilateral por parte de ellos y al resto de la banda solo nos queda aceptarla y desearles lo mejor en sus actuales y futuros proyectos y aquí saben que siempre tendrán unos hermanos además de amigos. Sus salidas han supuesto un duro golpe para GRIMUACK ya que ellos eran dos pilares muy importantes en la banda. Pronto nos pondremos con la difícil tarea de buscar nuevos miembros que como mínimo estén a su altura y puedan aportar tanto como hicieron BAPHOMET Y SUCOR BENOTH durante tantos años y así estar lo antes posible dando caña y escupiendo blasfemias sobre los escenarios.


Djevelkult’s «I Djevelens Tegn» is available for digital order in our official Bandcamp. But, of course, you should get the physical copy of this masterpiece of Norwegian Black Metal writting here.

Djevelkult is actually working in their next attack which we’re sure that will be another cult album of old school Black Metal mixed with the material of the mid 90’s of their country.

Stay tuned!

We have uploaded «Doggod», the second album of Gloom, to our official Bandcamp. Now, you can get the copy on CD and digital.

Soon, we will upload Djevelkult’s «I Djevelens Tegn» and Selaphiel’s «Death Metal on the Cross» so stay tuned!

Stormstone is a solo project created by Erun, in which he performs an old school and epic Black Metal in the vein of old Norwegian and Polish style. Old fashioned Pagan Metal like in the 90’s way, not the happy shit of nowadays.

1. The Glorious Storm
2. Clash of the Gods
3. Unleashed Hate
4. Cryhavoc of Northern Iberia
5. Black Woods

«Heirs of All Fights» was released in 2013 by Morbid Shrine Productions in pro tape format. Only a few copies remains of this stuff. In 2014, Lower Silesian Stronghold released it on CD. You can obtain, for the moment, both releases here. More news about the project soon.

Write now:

Here you can check the pro tape version of «Death Metal on the Cross» by Selaphiel. A crushing blast to the face, featuring two members of Gathering Darkness. Old school taste for this soon-to-be a cult demo tape.


Death Metal on the Cross – pro Tape

1. Sangre en la Cruz
2. The Birth of the End
3. Resurrection
4. The Massacre of the Power
5. Thirst in the Desert

Check their official bandcamp here, and stay tuned, because we will unleash the digital version too very soon!


On 4th July we posted:

We are very pleased with the «good» work of the hosting services of our website. They have deleted our stuff so, a new one will come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for your endless support. The cult shall return stronger!
Estamos encantados del «buen» trabajo de los servicios hosting de nuestra web. Han borrado nuestro material, así que una nueva vendrá en unas semanas. Estad atentos, y gracias por vuestro eterno apoyo. El culto habrá de retornar aún más fuerte!

Now, we are pleased to put our first announcement in this new website. We are in process of creation of a new one, so you can see that some of our sections are empty. They will be finished along this week.

By the way, we have some new stuff out. They’re the albums of Chains ov Beleth «Christeos Chaos» and The Hell «Welcome to…» in CD and digital formats. Check out our Bandcamp or just write to: