Lucifuego has released «Malditos Humanos», their new MCD, through Morbid Shrine Productions den. Now you can get your copy by clicking here only for 5€ + postal costs. In the same link, you can also hear the whole work for free (it is uploaded to YouTube).

Expect another work of old school Black Metal in the vein of the early stuff of Celtic Frost or Impaled Nazarene. A must!!!


You can get all the Selaphiel stuff by clicking here in their official Bandcamp. The tapes are still available also! Write now:

«Death Metal on the Cross» by Selaphiel


Now, you can check our digital release of «Blood of the Dying» that contains two bonus tracks for only 6€! Check this link and hear it in streaming first, if you want.

Also, you can hear it in YouTube (link below). Enjoy!

Eldereon was active since 2001 to 2012, and this was the only full album they released back in 2011, thanks to Till you Fukkin Bleed Records.


The high claimed first full lenght of Funebre Devastation is now available on digital in our official Bandcamp.

Anyway, if you want a physical copy, just enter in our shop.


As I am uploading the whole shows of theExtreme Sessions, I did this footage of the (almost) whole Undernoise show in Santander (Spain). Undernoise was created back in 1993/94 as an old school Goregrind/Death Metal band and, if you like this style, you will enjoy it for sure.


In 2002 I created Bagronk, a Dark Dungeon Music project. I recorded some songs that were recorded under the name of «The Quest». It was never released officially, but now you can download it for free via Bandcamp.

Meanwhile, I am creating new stuff for first time in 14 years.